Collaborative Work


I have been collaborating on public art comissions since 2010. Site-specific in nature, each work remixes aspects of design, experience, and contemporary art in public spaces.

noted exhibitions

Venice Architecture Biennale, the Bronx Museum of Fine Arts, DOT Urban Art Program, the Mott Haven Public Library, Untitled Art Fair, Freight & Volume Gallery.

Quarter Horse

A series of iPad screensavers cycle through the parts of the modular table upon which they sit. Rendered using Cinema 4D, these reflective gray forms gradually swoop in and rotate out of monochromatic color fields that match the table's edge elements. The tablesĀ and iPad stations were part of a commission for the lobby of the Bronx Museum of Fine Art as part of BronxLab.

Quarter Horse - marine plywood, spray-paint, formica, iPads, digital media and hardwareQuarter Horse - marine plywood, spray-paint, formica, iPads, digital media and hardware

Sketch Renderings
Piazza Gratissima

Concept renderings of a freestanding deck later built at the courtyard of the Mott Haven Library (NYPL)

Ad Campaign
Thurst of Sorrows

Thrust Poster, bi-lingual flyers and promotional campaign designed to solicit objects that had weighed people down over the economic downturn and launch them using a medieval trebuchet into an open field. A fully functional .ui.section.dividertrebuchet was built for the task and displayed alongside solicited objects at the Bronx River Arts Center.

Misty Mount Royales, prosposed 3d rendering - Artscape BaltimoreMisty Mount Royales, prosposed 3d rendering - Artscape Baltimore

Concept Renderings
Misty Mount Royals

Proposal renderings for commission of rotating turbine-style posts as part of Artscape in Baltimore.

Bench Press - plywood, hardware, NYC buses, and NYC bus stopsBench Press, installation at Momenta Art

Ad Campaign
Bench Press

Poster, brochures, and installations at Flux Factory and Momenta Art. One part of a durational performance, assembling and disassembling modular benches along the B57 & Q39 bus routes between Brooklyn and Queens.

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