Dev Experiments

HTML & CSS / JS / Node.js / Ruby

HTML & CSS / JS / Node.js / Ruby

I wouldn’t consider myself a developer but make a commit every new and then.

Share Bear


React / Node.JS / Bootstrap / CSS

Share Bear is an item lending application offering users the ability to register and share items with their neighbors. Guest will be able to search by zipcode and browse through a list of available items to borrow. Registered users can either list items or make arrangements to borrow an item. Once an item is lent the status will move to “checked out”.

I’m With Chuck


Ruby on Rails / Javascript

A light-hearted application to render random Chuck Norris jokes in colorful palettes. This was my first Ruby on Rails project touching the Chuck Norris Joke API (Give it a second for the server to warm up, it is deployed on Heroku!).

Hit "Another" for a random joke.

Hit "Save" to save the joke to the database.

Hit "List" to see all the saved jokes.



Ruby on Rails / Koala / Omniauth / Postgres

An application that allows users to publish selected Facebook events onto a secondary website. The overall concept is to encapsulate content generated in Facebook onto a 3rd party website where it may reach a more targeted audience.

Rebus Miner


Javascript / Game Logic

A two player game to solve rebus image puzzles online sourced from the underside of “Lone Star” beer bottle caps. Players take turns and have up to four attempts to solve the puzzle or give up and pass to the next player. Points are awarded based on the length of time it takes to solve each puzzle and a summary announces the winner at the end.

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