Jamaica Flux 2016

graphic & web design

graphic & web design

I was given the opportunity to work with the curators of the “Jamaica Flux” summer exhibition series organized by Jamaica Center for the Arts and Learning. The series bridged partnerships between artists, businesses, and local communities to commission public works throughout the summer in Jamaica, Queens.

Overview & Process

To help audiences understand the durational, event, and location-based nature of Jamaica Flux through the archive of the commissioned works. Project deliverables included the 2016 Jamaica Flux Catalog, Invite, jamaicaflux.info Website, alongside Collateral Graphics & Marketing Materials

  1. Identify all participants and content types being produced

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  1. Develop invite and initial marketing materials to establish overall look and style of Jamaica Flux 2016. Funnel, share, and log incoming assets via google drive.

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  1. Research and identify web technologies & add-ons best suited for the task


4.Establish timeline, milestones, and shared checklist for incoming content


Jamaicaflux 2016 Website

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182 pp. A collaboration between myself and the curators, the 2016 catalog is a reflection of the experimental nature of Jamaica Flux. We chose a thin magazine-style paper was for its high-color and vibrant characteristics akin to publications found in the neighborhood of Jamaica, Queens. A dramatically exposed spine to allows for two page spreads to lay almost entirely flat. The printed catalog was available at the exhibition’s closing reception and included the work of 16 artists, three collectives, 19 Writers, additional writings by 15 MFA Artists, as well as the artists in an impromptu pop-up exhibition.


Tri-fold Map

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